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Cinco de Mayo Lunch


Had a lunch date today with my darling wife. We decided to try a Mexican restaurant in honor of Cinco de Mayo. We did all the normal research one would do in a new town to determine the best restaurant to eat at.

 Plaza Mexico had several positive comments on Google+ and Yelp so off we went.

The food and service were top notch. She had the Enchilada and Taco combo. with mango and standard Margaritas, while I had the Vallarta Fajitas (steak, chicken, shrimp, and chorizo). The only complaint I could muster is, they served my draft Negra Modelo in a plastic cup? Yuk. Beer just isn’t the same in a plastic container.

If it weren’t for the plastic cup I would have given this restaurant 5 stars. They will get a full 5 for authenticity, taste, atmosphere, and service. Highly  recommended. We will eat here again and again.


  1. Whoa – plastic for beer? At least the rest was good. :)

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